Water Sensor Chips

The NanoAffix patent-pending technology has advantages of reliable probe immobilization, simple device structure, and rapid, sensitive, selective, label-free detection. The breakthrough technology allows real-time detection (no sample preparation) of deadly contaminants with unprecedented sensitivity and specificity in field settings (outside a central laboratory facility) for single point testing (e.g., handheld device like glucose testing at home) or in-line continuous flow testing (e.g., integration into the existing water equipment like meters and filters). The sensor signals can be further connected to a central control station through wireless communications so that the health status of the entire water distribution system could be monitored remotely in real time. The envisioned intelligent water distribution system can significantly mitigate risks and ensure a clean and safe water supply.

NanoAffix Science LLC (NAFX) has developed a prototype handheld device for real-time, in situ detection of lead ions in tap water. The handheld device is based on a novel, micro-sized electronic sensor platform that outperforms existing water testing methods and is simple to implement, eliminating many of the disadvantages associated with current practices. The top highlights of our sensing platform are:

  1. Fast – Rapid response for real-time monitoring (detection time on the order of seconds);
  2. Portable Measurement – A handheld digital meter with a micro-sized sensor (ideal for onsite use);
  3. Low cost –The sensor chip costs ~$10 at a smaller volume and even cheaper at a larger volume;
  4. Highly sensitive – Lower detection limit below µg/L or ppb;
  5. Quantitative – Direct digital readout of testing results; potential for data communication;
  6. Easy to use – One-button operation; no special training is required