Fast, Accurate & Simple Lead Testing

NanoAffix has developed a portable device for real-time detection of lead in tap water. The system consists of a handheld sensor module connected via Bluetooth to a mobile app. It outperforms existing water testing methods and is simple to use. Results in seconds on the spot instead of days in a lab.

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One System – Many Applications

Toxic contaminants are present in many drinking water sources. There is a growing need to test more frequently for potential toxic contaminants to ensure safe consumption. Testing water at the point of use should be easier, affordable, and more accessible to everyone.

Home inspectors inspect many aspects of a persons home and or business. Contact a local inspector to see if they test for toxic contaminants in drinking water as well.

Schools and daycares should have all sources of their drinking water tested, though, testing may not be required. Contact your local school district or daycare provider to see what kind of water testing is currently being conducted.

There may be water contamination in parts of the country that the public is not readily aware of. Contacting public health authorities at the county or state level will provide some of the best information about any issues that may be occurring in your area. Public Health organizations do not necessarily conduct scheduled testing unless a problem is suspected.

Many water treatment professionals can test your water from anything to hardness or lead. Contact your local water professional to check out what they can test for you.

Regulatory authorities at the local, county and state levels often have safe drinking water testing protocols or strategies in place. Depending on locality and organization, the frequency, and types/variety of tests can vary widely. There is a definite focus on schools where young children are most susceptible to contaminants such as lead in drinking water. Contact your local authority to learn more about how and when drinking water is tested.

Apartment complexes, hotels and other multi-unit facilities should have all point sources of drinking water tested, however, testing is not necessarily required or conducted in these types of facilities. Inquire with your landlord or management about the frequency and type of testing that is conducted in your particular facility.

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