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Here are answers to commonly asked questions about the NanoAffix products and technology. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please send us your question using the form below.

Contact tech support at 414-758-9273, or email us at [email protected] and will be help you right away.
It currently detects lead, but in the future our meter will be able to detect e-coli and sulfur dioxide along with other various contaminants.
It is more accurate, affordable, and faster. Our meter detects down to 1ppb lead, each test only costs 10$, and each test takes only minutes to complete.
Make sure the sensors are properly positioned in the channels, the O-rings are attached, and the magnetic cap is secure.
You can either continue your test with one channel or try to reposition the sensors, so they are properly touching the contacts.
Right now, the app is only available on Android phones.
The last 4 digits on the MAC# on the back of the meter will match what you scanned on the app. Then you simply press the connect button on the app.
The trigger button is not currently functional and will not affect the outcome of a test.
The sensors are single time use only.
The app will be available on the Google Play store.
The sensors are fragile and may break or snap if they are not handled with care. If a sensor breaks do not try and run a test with it.

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