Order Our NanoAquaSense™ Lead Testing Device Kit

Our device delivers a breakthrough in the industry of handheld detectors of its type, greater sensitivity, and specificity of detection. It also offers portability, faster turnaround times for sample analysis, and a significantly lower cost/sample. Additionally, the testing can be self-administered without detailed sample preparation or user training with the device.

The device is Bluetooth compatible and is operable from any Android mobile device. Download the NanoTracr app from the Google Play store in order to successfully run your test.

Choose Your Kit

We offer 3 different Kit Packages

NanoAffix Full Product Kit

Lead Testing Kit

  • Meter

  • 20 sensors (10 tests)

  • Sample collection tube
  • Dropper bottles with reagents
  • Swabs
  • Transfer pipettes
  • Rugged carrying case
  • Charging cable

Sensors with Accessories

  • 10 sensors (5 tests)

  • Sample collection tube
  • Dropper bottles with reagents
  • Swabs
  • Transfer pipettes

Sensors Only

  • 10 sensors (5 tests)


Testing in Minutes

Collect Tap Water Sample

Simply fill the supplied sample tube

Fill the sample tube with tap water to the 30ml fill line provided.

Add Sample Prep Solution

Easy to use dropper bottles are provided

Add 5 drops of the acidic digestion solution and 10 drops of the reducing agent solution to the sample tube to dissolve insoluble lead. Invert tube repeatedly, wait 10 minutes before proceeding with a sample read.

Insert Sensors into the Device

Magnetic mount makes it easy

Insert a sensor into each sensor port as shown. Be careful not to touch the gold conductor portion of the sensors.

Open the NanoTracr™ App

Bluetooth connection

Follow In-App instructions to prepare for testing.


Sensor connection

This is to ensure the sensors are properly inserted in the meter.

Add Test Samples to the Device

A few drops in the sensor is all it takes

Using the provided pipette, add appropriate volumes of sample to both sample ports.

Conduct the Test

The system will analyze the samples

Follow the easy in App instructions to analyze the sample. Results will be displayed in about 1 minute, expressed as ppb of total lead contained in the sample.

Read Your Results

30 Seconds is all it takes

Proprietary Technology

At the heart of the NanoAffix testing system is an electronic sensing platform that detects various contaminants in water or air.

Invest in NanoAffix

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in this cutting-edge technology as NanoAffix actively seeks Series A funding to get this exciting new technology into the hands of as many people as possible for water quality monitoring.