Ensuring clean, non-lead contaminated water is a goal everyone would agree is important. Reaching this goal is challenging, however. Nanoaffix’s sensor technology is intended to fulfill the need to detect this problem which is still present despite efforts and regulations to address it. There are multiple contributing factors to the continued existence of lead contamination. The first problem is awareness, where people may assume lead contamination must have been addressed by their utility company. This connects to the secondary problem, which is even though efforts have and are being made to replace lead piping, locating pipes with lead requires significant cost and effort, and can even contribute to the problem by dislodging material in the process. Lead contamination can also increase suddenly when materials corrode. Additionally, even when there are clear regulations in place, it can still take time for the regulations to be followed. Even if lead levels are below the regulated limits, it doesn’t mean the small amount of lead isn’t still harmful to your health.

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